Dragon 17 Collection Episode 3 Walkthrough

I will try to translate the clues, but my Japanese is not very good. Please feel free to correct me.
2) Search for (the picture).
3) Water, Gold, Earth, Fire, Wood, Earth, ?, Ocean (I think), Dark. (I do not understand this clue, but I think it is just a list of characters, but I might be not understanding it correctly?)
4) Search for (the picture).
5) (I am sorry, this will take me a long time to read. I will post again when I have finished.)
5) The thing that 4 constellations surround
The light faces towards (I don't understand one character, but it is saying about going towards in a straight line, I think)
On this path, there is only 1 street towards the path
Look and it is there...
(I am sorry, this is very bad. If I had known it would be so hard, I might not have started.)
6) 1. Remove SMTWTFS.
2. Remove these 7's up down left right.
3. There are 5 left. (The rest is much harder to read. I will finish the remaining later.)
Source: Escape Games 24

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