Moose Escape Walkthrough

Welcome to the solution of this game
New flash game deogames
I hope this video and text walthrough useful
You can play the game from the link below
From this video,thanks Escapegames1
game controls use mause to play
By applying the game play I have the following explanation can
1)Turn left twice notice big wardrobe
Open 3rd drawer from left side buttom
See code
1-)B 30
2-)W 02
3-)B 12
4-)W 50
2)Go to piano ; dial on each of the piano keys according to the code
B is Black W is White
Get 4 red dots
Look at far back inside piano get eye
Inser dots in right nightstant slots
Get another eye

4)Put 2 eyes to the moose (poor animal!)
Look at how grow his woods and count them
Back to wardrobe top right drawer
Insert code and get the key

Source: Escape Games 24

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