Art Gallery Escape 2 Walkthrough

On Yaghts/boat painting on left top corner
Next view on top right branches of pine tree painting
In that same view on windmill painting, on left top corner
Another piece on if you click on the left pot plant, it's against the floor board to the right
In next view of painting with ladies in boat, on pot plant, underneath the fourth green leaf
On haystack painting, on the tip of the largest hut
In next view in first painting of farm, another piece in the tree to the right
In that same view with the Lilly Painting, on Plant on very left bottom leaf tip (hard to see)
Turn right and in next view, piece on castle painting right on the castle/tower at bottom
In that same view, another piece on bottom right hand corner of other painting
Now you should have all the pieces which you now have to place in the grey frame before leaving

Source: Escape Games 24

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