Panda Escape Walkthrough

Start game....Turn right -- get grabber behind tree
Turn left -- use grabber to get camera
Turn left -- use grabber to get lollypop
Same scene -- pick up pass from leaves on ground; use camera to take picture of angry lady (click on picture in about item scene)
Turn left -- slip picture between window bars
Leave scene and come back so zoo lady appears
Turn right -- take key from zoo lady’s back pocket
Turn left -- enter building
Use key to open safe; pick up white paper from floor; click on gray bar in upper right corner to access shelf
Use grabber to take coin purse
Go back to safe scene -- click on pass and hit about item
Turn pass over so it reads PASS -- click white paper on it to combine (2859)
Enter 2859 in safe and click ok -- now leave

Play Panda Escape

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