Room Escape Vol.1 Text Walkthrough

1- Flashlight found in the TV cabinet.
2- Remote control found in the bottom shelf.
3- Paper folder found in the trash can.
4- Screwdriver found under the trash can.
5- Drawer knob found between trash can and desk.
6- Pencil found in pen holder above the desk.
7- Scissor found in the top drawer.
8- Cable found near mirror.
9- Hammer is found in a bag which is found under the bed.
10- Door key found in a locked box in the bottom drawer.
11- Bowl found under the panel (which is near the bed).
1- Insert the cable, then use remote on TV.
2- Use pencil on book (opened).
2- Use scissor on paper folder to get a paper.
3- Use pencil on the paper to reveal a code.
4- Go to the bottom drawer and use the knob on it, then click on it to reveal a locked box, the code is month+month*hour+hour:
On TV 'YMD' is shown, which means year, month and date, and the month is circled (12, which can be found by viewing calendar), and in the book HMS (Hour-Minute-Second) is shown, and H(Hour)is circled (which is 10). As shown on the paper the formula is 12+12*10+10 (which equals 142).
5- Use screwdriver on panel to get a bowl.
6- Use flashlight under bed to get a hammer found by clicking on a bag found there.
7- Use key on the door.
8- Use hammer to break the wall.
9- Put the bowl under the pipe thing to get the bowl filled with honey.
10- Use bowl filled with honey on the teddy bear.
11- Turn anywhere else (if you have sound on, you'll hear an explosion).
12- Turn back to see the teddy bear gone, and a hole on the wall.
13- Click the hole on the wall to escape!
FLASHLIGHT in cupboard under TV
REMOTE on shelves
DRAWER KNOB behind bin
SCREWDRIVE under bin
PEN on desk
SCISORS in desk drawer
TV CABLE behind miror
Use flashlight under bed Get Bag with inside a HAMMER
Use screwdriver on panel behind bed get a JAR

Use scisors & envelope get PAPERCLUE Use pen on it
Kind of double square is the clock shape
Kind of square & triangle is calendar shape
Use pen with green book on desk
H m s Hour is 10
Use cable & remote on TV
y M d Month is 12
so code for green box is 10+10*12+12 so 142
get a KEY to use on door
Use hammer to breack the wall
Put jar in hole to get HONEY (I bet that's it!)
Give honey jar to tedy
Go & come back
Tedy has explosed to wall U'R OUT

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