Serial Killer Part 3 Walkthrough

Serial Killer Part 3 text and video Walkthrough by prid
thanks for walkthrough prid

1. Zoom into the person's chest and check his pocket for a key. Take it!

2. Zoom out and click the area between his ankles to zoom in on the back of his ankles.

3. Use the key on the keyhole and get a knife!

4. Zoom out and click on the bottom-left of the screen where the chain is to zoom in on that area. Take the Chain!

5. Click the mirror, right to the door, and use the chain to break it. Get a suitcase!

6. Zoom out and click the bath tub to zoom in that area. Click on the right-side of the tub to reveal a drain. Click the switch to pour out the blood!

7. Zoom out once, and zoom in on the tub. Take the X-Ray!

8. Zoom out to the main view! Click on the white cloth on the right-side of the screen, left to the bulb. Once zoomed in, take the cloth!
9. Zoom out and click on the peron's last/little finger on his west/left hand to zoom in on that area. You'll see that his arm is taped! Use the knife to cut off the tape and take the key!


10. Zoom out! Click the bulb on the left-side of the screen to zoom in on that area. Put the white cloth on it, and then the X-Ray!

11. On the bottom-right side of the X-Ray, you'll see a code: 4879! Use the code on the suit case and then the key you got earlier from his arm! Take all of the 5 pins.

12. Zoom out and click on his right or left shoulder to view the backside! Use the chain on the middle of the screen to put it there!

13. Zoom out and click on the his Chest Locker. Put the 1st pin in there! 2nd pin goes on the West/Left arm. 3rd on East/Right arm. 4th on South-West/Left-Ankle. 5th on South-East/Right-Ankle!

14. The lockers have to be facing on a curtain angle, so I'll just tell you the solution. If you really want to know why, watch the video! And you must know, North-South-West-East. If you don't, watch this:

!Which way the keyhole should be facing!

Chest Locker: South-East/Diagonal
West/Left Arm Locker: East/Right
East/Right Arm Locker: West/Left
West/Left Ankle Locker: South/Down
East/Right Ankle Locker: North/Up

15. Zoom out and click his left or right shoulder to view the backside! You'll now see more of his back. Use the knife on his Right-Shoulder / East-Shoulder. When the golder key gets out of his "inside", take it and escape!

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