The Tower of Eternity 10F Walkthrough

Click left of the blue sofa to find wrench/spanner. While in this zoomed in view go right to find a screwdriver. Turn to the clock and click the pendulum. It moves to reveal a magnifying glass.
The next thing you must do is start collecting all the letters that will give you the final code. These are found in the following places
1) On the back of the black computer chair > WW
2) On the blue carpet (x2) the right square moves >
------SS and then the top left corner of the carpet folds down > --------NE (E is very small on the end)
3) On clock face (left of where hands meet) > ---NEW
4) Inside the White box >--W (Cant get straight away)
Go to the large frame on the wall - Where Red Keyhole is
Use the spanner to remove the bolts on the top corners and the screwdrivers to remove the screws in the bottom corners. The panel will disappear to reveal the pole star. This is a clue it means North star indicating this wall is north facing. If you click on the bottom right edge of the frame you will see 5circles - this is the logo for the olympics. olympic (no CAPS) is the code word for the white box. Type this in and receive a red Key, the last lot of letters and a clue word LONDON (followed by a 1 if you magnify in on the fullstop! Take the key and use on the red keyhole this reveals another strange button on the wall. You will now notice there is one of these on each wall - They are buttons which correspond to that code of letters you have. When you put the code together - matter of illimination - WW is first as no dashes before it etc
Cose is WWWNEWSSNE - This means North West South East. The buttons on the wall must be pressed in order of the code.
Wall with pole star = North
Wall with Clock = East
Wall with Couch = West
Wall with Desk = South

Once you have done this (probably a few times before you get it) That rectangle on the wall in blue couch scene will open to reveal a keycard. Take this and go to the pink box on the desk. Use the key card and swipe it on the blue device. Reveals keypad - I entered 2012 (which is the date of next the LONDON Olympics but some people have mentioned that 1908 works - date of first London olympics. Get blue Key. Use blue key on door and your out!!

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