Zombies - The Beginning Walkthrough

From livingroom go back
go right (lower arrow)
take the key to your truck
go through door into cellar
klick bottom drawer and get knife
go back 3 times
take shoes

Now you´re ready to kick zombies ass, but you have to be quick!!!

Go through door and press "space" (look at the blinking sign at the bottom of the screen) when the first face come up.
After the short break you have only a few seconds to
-go left
-open the truck-door
-open the box between the seats
-get the key
-go back 3 times
-enter the house through the door.

Time to take a deep breath!

Go back, forward, right and you´re in front of your bedroom.
go through right door and open the drawer to get your "Super Perforator"

The door opens and you have to press "Space" to stop the visitor.
Now you have to send the others to hell:

Aim with your mouse and make them a headache. 3 bullets for one head is enough. After fireing 6 bullets you have to reload - press "R" and 6 new bullets waiting for zombies. Reload while a zombieattack is deadly, so be sure you reload just after a kill.

The second wave (after a short film sequence) is to wipe out like the first!

After this, you´re out - but not save (second chapter will come)

Source: Escape Games 24

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