Amnesia 2 Walkthrough

Amnesia 2 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
- first view is the door, go right.
- now you see a little bit of the door and a little bit of a desk, on the left above white stick is a brown stick (your cursor change in a hand), use TABKEY if you can't see it. Pick up the stick
- turn right TWICE, you see now the jackets, move the light brown jacket on the desk by dragging it fast. (notice that a key felt under the bookcloset) Also notice the four color books in the top of the bookcloset, you need them later) don't click anything yet in this view
- turn forward (arrow up) this view is a close-up of the books, turn left TWICE, you see now the front of the computer and a trash, etc. Click on the trash to zoom in and find a note with the number 39 on it. (it's left of the trash in the middle), close that inside window.
- turn left ONCE, you see the dead body now, look in his right pocket (use tabkey to find the spot) and find a photo
- turn left ONCE, you see the green chair in front of you now, on the left of the chair on the floor is a crowbar (use tabkey for spot), pick it up. Then open the door of the little closet left of the chair, notice that here is something written on the left top of it = L84. Close this little inside window.
- turn left TWICE, than turn one backward (arrow down), you see now the bookcloset zoomed out. Look under the bookcloset and notice the key, pick it up with the stick (the stick will be used automaticly). Close the little inside window. Now click on the chest on the left of bookcloset (right above light brown jacket on desk). Open the chest and take knife. Close the little inside window. Now click on the knife in inventory to open the knife (black spot on knife). Close the little inside window of the knife.
- turn left 6times and see the green chair again. Click on the chair to zoom in. Than click on the right corner of it, to cut the chair open and get a card. Close little inside window of chair.
- Turn right once, you see a door in the front and on the left side a red blinking light, use card here and the second room is open now.
- Turn forward into the 2nd room. Take missing page from the desk (right corner) and the magnifying glass unter the tab.
- Turn backwards (arrow down) and turn left 3 times, you see now the bookcloset again, turn forwards to bookcloset and than turn left twice, you see now the monitor of computer.
Click on the photo in inventory and click on the right bottom corner of it (using magnifying glass) and notice the name: Henry Evans. Close inside window of photo. And click on the monitor of computer. Enter the name Henry Evans here and send. You get the message that the last part of the code is 212. Close inside window of monitor.
- Now click on the "book page" in inventory and notice R10. Close the inside window of this bookpage.
- turn right twice, you see the four books now.
- Click on the first book, the blue one. It's asking what page you want to see, enter page 239 (39 of the note in inventory, the first number just trying 1, 2, etc, so 239 gives code. So the first part of the code = R36
- Click on 2nd book, the pink one. Enter page number 84 (number from little closet) and find the second part of the code: R97
- Click on 3th book, the green one. Enter page number 149 (number of bookpage of inventory). Notice that this page is missing, so the 3th part of the code is the code on the bookpage you found: L10
- Click on 4th book, the brown one. Enter page number 212 (the code you got from the computer) and get the last part of the code: R59

So the code for the safe is: R36 R97 L10 R59

- turn left 3 times and turn twice forward to the red (2nd) room. Click on the photo above watertap and than click on the tape. The photo fells down and there is the safe.
- now turn to the right until it shows 36, click ok, than turn to the right until it shows 97, click ok, than turn to the left until it shows 10, click ok, than turn to the right until it shows 59, click ok. Tip don't turn to fast of you miss the number ;) The safe opens, take the key.
- close inside window of safe. Turn backwards, than turn right twice. Open the door with key.
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