GH Lab Escape Walkthrough

GH Lab Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text Solution useful.Start this game
1. Drag knife-thing on table onto the stick.

2. Grab the tape.

3. Grab the bunsen burner.

4. Drag tape onto the stick and knife-thing to make a long screwdriver.

5. Unscrew the light cover.

6. Grab it (duh)

7. On the table farthest to the right, in a beaker, there is a key. Right click and zoom in on it if u have to.

8. Use key to open cabinet by glass display case.

9. Grab matches behind urla-minor flask-thing. Return to room.

10. Click door next to keypad.

11. You should be in a kitchen. Open the fridge and grab orangs drink. (Whatever u do, do not drag ur orange drink onto left side of first room, or u will have to start over)

13. Grab coal and put into orange drink. Repeat 4 times. Return to first room (click on door on right side of screen)
14. Click on display case.

15. Switch little black thing on bunsen burner, then
light with match.

16. Drag lit burner onto glass. Wait for a second. The glass should break.

17. You can only grab two chemicals, then it falls apart. Grab S and KNO3.

18. Put chemicals into orange drink. (if u didnt have right chemicals, you would blow up. lol!) Return to room.

19. Go to keypad.

20. Type in 1910. I dont know how to figure code, but hey.

21. Click shoelace until it comes off of shoe.

22. Grab it (again, duh) Return to room.

23. Put shoe lace into orange drink.

24. Timed (if u fail, u will start all over, so don't fail. P.s, u might want to read this all first~): Light shoe string with match, hurry and drag bottle to door on left (LEFT not right, plz) then click above right side of center-ish table and u will see urself kneeling down there. Darg light cover over to urself 4 protection.

25. You are out. Congratulations. You had to use a walkthrough to escape, and therefore, you fail (Just like I do most of the time). btw, all this was in previous comments, so I am wasting my time, and you are scrolling down alot for absolutely no reason.

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