Antique Room Escape Walkthrough

Antique Room Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
1. Click On The Big Brown Hollow Box On The Right-Side Of The Room, To Zoom In. Take The Fan Cover, And Zoom Out!

2. Click On The Barrel, Next To The Rope, To Zoom In. Take The Other Fan Cover Behind The Barrel, And Zoom Out!

3. Move Right, And Click The Black Shoes To Make Them Fall Down. Click On The Shoe Lace Twice, To Get It!

4. Click On The Top Of The Light Brown Pot, Next To The Barrels, To Zoom In. Take The Bulb, And Zoom Out!

5. Move Right, And Click On The Box With The Two Brushes In It. Open The Left Glass, And Take The Brush. And Zoom Out!

6. Click On The Fan, To Zoom In! Use Brush On All Of Its Wings [You Have To Do It Clockwise], And Then Put The Fan Covers On! And At Last, Use The Shoe Laces To Attach The Two Fan Covers. Take The Fan, And Zoom Out!
7. Move Right, And Look At The Bottom-Left Corner Of The Container. You'll See A Little Stick, Click To Zoom In And Take The Stick, Which Appears To Be A Hammer!

8. Zoom Out, And Move Right! Put The Fan Next To The 4 Drawers, And Left To The Barrel Where You Got The Fan Cover. Click On The Fans Plug, And Then Turn The Switch On, From The Same View Of The Room! Take The Milk From The Hidden Underdoor!

9. Move Right, And Click The Orange Little Bowl To Zoom In, Near The Light Brown Pot! Pour The Milk Into The Bowl, And Zoom Out. Click The Cat To Make It Run To The Milk, And Click On The Book To Zoom In. Open The Book, And Take The Key! Zoom Out!

10. Click On The Little Box Under The Table, And Smash Its Lock With The Hammer. Inside Is A Sand Clock, Smash It To Take The 2 Gems/Rubys! Zoom Out, And Move Twice Right!

11. Click On The Container, To Zoom In. Put The Bulb In The Light, And Then Click On Top Of The Container To Open It!

12. Click On The One Photo Frame, Before The Last One [Orange Frame]. Click It Again, To Zoom In. Take Those 2 Gems, And Zoom Out Until You See The Whole Area!

13. Move Left, And Click On Door To Zoom In!

14. Put The 4 Gems On Each Hole On Door. The First One, The Blue Goes In Top-Left, 2nd The Pink -> In Top-Right, 3rd The Green -> In Bottom-Right And 4th The Red -> In Bottom-Left!

15. Use Key In The Middle Of Those Gems, And Voìla, You're OUT!

thanks for walkthrough by prid
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