The Tower of Eternity 14F Walkthrough

The Tower of Eternity 14F WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
First scene pick up robot's arm (right) and body piece on top of green cabinet.
Go right and get other robot's arm (left)
Click bottom left of bunk beds and get batteries
Go right and get robot's head on blue cabinet and another blue piece off books on floor
Go right and you'll see robot's legs. Put body piece first, then head, then arms. Robot's eyes turn yellow.
Open keyboard you got off books and put batteries in it.
Go back to the scene where bunks are and click on ceiling to get first code. 4949794
Go back to robot, and open keyboard thing and input the ceiling code
The robot's eyes will now light up and send ray to floor. Click on where the ray's pointing and get another code. (this code changes with each game)
Also pick up wrench.
Highlight wrench on robot scene and click on middle body part and get ID card from robot's mouth.
Open the ID card in inventory and click the left part of it to flip it over and get a third code.
Still in robot scene, input the third code (1212111) and robot's left arm will shoot off.
Go back to the scene where the blue cabinet and robot's arm is and you'll now see an opening in the wall. Click on it and insert the ID card.
Type in the code you got from the floor with the robot's ray. (4 digit number) and blue key and take note of the final code. (This code also changes with each game)
Go back to the robot scene and open up the keyboard again and input the final code you got and robot's right arm will shoot off.
Now go back to the scene where the blue cabinet was and you'll see that the robot's arm has knocked down the cabinet that was blocking the door.
Use blue key and you're out! ....To be continued

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