Art Escape Walkthrough

Art Escape WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Paint Brush locations:
Green - on the plant on the left of the big butterfly
Brown - on the skirting board on the right of the big butterfly, left of the plant
Purple - on the picture frame next to the bookshelf, on the bottom right
Pink - on the tray leg (face back)
Yellow - in the wall safe
Blue - under the book on the desk, looks like a bookmark

Paint locations:
Blue - on the bookshelf
Purple - in the bookshelf drawer
Brown - face the back, back right desk click the back left leg
Green - zoom in on the yellow flowers, behind the flowers on the left side
Yellow - in the wall safe
Pink - in the bookshelf safe
Code paper - facing the bookshelf, left multi-coloured holder
Knife - same holder as above, on the left side of the screen
Painting guide - bookshelf safe
Pencil - zoomed in on the yellow flowers, in the middle
Draw key - little house on the bookshelf, behind the door
Door key - after pushing check with the correct picture, opens part of the easel frame (right)

1 - blue - on the holder when facing bookshelf
2 - pink - on tray when facing the door
3 - yellow - skirting board when zoomed in on the yellow flowers
4 - purple - on desk when zoomed in on bookshelf
5 - green - on the light when zoomed in facing forward
6 - brown - unknown location

Place paper on the book, use pencil to get bookshelf safe code
Use knife on back picture to get code for wall safe
Put paints on the tray, then load the correct paint brushes
Use the painting guide to paint by numbers the butterfly, then click check, and get the key
Key opens the door - escape

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