Baby Bird 2 Walkthrough

Baby Bird 2 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
1-Click down on the first screen, click the card on the table, take the square tile.
2-Turn right twice, take the remote, turn again, open orange drawer and take flashlight.
3. Call up remote, look at it, take battery out and get green key. Use green key on green door.
4. Go to the drawer screen, click the photo and take the screwdriver. Next to the plant, click in there and use the screwdriver. Get egg.
5. Use flashilght under couch, look at this. Go to the screen with the table, click the right side. Put the egg on the X. Take chick, turn it around, click on it.
6. Drawer scene, use chick on wires on the box. Take tile.
7. Now, remember that paper from earlier?
Square Circle Triangle Other Triangle.

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