Crime Evidence 4 Walkthrough

Crime Evidence 4 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Back up from door and turn left
Zoom in on plant to left of couch get pin
Turn left and use pin to open storage room door
Inside, get rope and move the box in the back of the room to get keys
Laugh because the rope shadow stays when the rope is gone
Go to the door on the right (to the left of the couch) and enter kitchen
Click on first cabinet and use keys to get acid
Leave kitchen and click to right of couch at the base of the stairs to face upstairs
Click on door in front of you and enter darkroom
No it’s not my fault that you can barely see anything in here
Note microscope to the right
Click on body on the ground and then again on his left arm to get ring
Back up to the zoomed view of the body again and click his right leg
Click leg pocket to get key
Back up to see the whole room again and click on the cabinets on the left to get filmstrip (about 3rd cabinet from the end away from you)
Click on the left pan on the counter to zoom in
Add acid and then filmstrip -- note the word ring
Leave the room and turn to the right door
Enter bedroom (note second door)
Click on the tall cabinet and use the key to open the left side
Click on code box and spell RING
Click in the box to get the new filmstrip
Go back to darkroom and put new filmstrip in the acid bath
Click to take it back and then back up to see the whole darkroom
Click the farthest microscope and add filmstrip to the microscope stand
Click on filmstrip to see the murder’s hands
Go back to the bedroom and enter the other door to the bathroom
Click on bathroom window and then click the window to open it
Look out the window and add rope to the left pipes to leave with the ring
(Seriously hope you were wearing gloves there)

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