Wogger Inside Level 5 Walkthrough

Wogger Inside Level 5 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text Solution useful.Start this game
After the spider leaves, click at the top of the rock the woggers are next to -- by the dark crack
Click down left slightly from the red wogger to have the blue one follow
Click the leaf to take it, and move it right of the red wogger where there are 2 other leaves on the rock face. The rock will open
If you click on the stairs, the red wogger will make the stairs fall -- so instead, click just below the stairs (slightly down right from the bottom of the stairs) to get the stick -- it is just about in line with the center of the leaves
(If you made the stairs fall then you didn’t listen to me. Sigh. Red wogger can pull himself up -- trust me. Just keep clicking on the bottom of the stairs until he gets his footing. Then click about half way up the rock with the blue wogger on it. Click the top of the stairs repeatedly to return them (about 23 or so clicks) and now get that darn stick like I told you to in the first place)
Click on the right end of the new rock the woggers are on to see how far down it is
Click on the left end of the rock (near the top of the stairs) to have wogger go left
Click left where the small rock crack is (to the left of the stair opening) to have wogger do a death-defying jump
Scroll over him to have him move left to open the rock, but there isn’t enough weight to keep it down
So while the rock is down (scroll over red wogger if you need it to move down again) click the top of the stairs
Blue wogger will join the red to move the rock. Now click on the edge of the ship
Click on the mast of the ship on the red light (about halfway up) to turn on the propeller
Click on the rock below red wogger.
If you click to the right wogger will go on the spiderweb and the spider will come -- RUN WOGGER!!!
So instead, click at the base of the stick just to the left of wogger
Now click on the ship’s propeller to get it and place it on the top of your stick
Cleaver wogger now has a helicopter -- scroll over him to get him to move to the green orb
Click orb and place it in your inventory
Click the dark circle at the bottom of the inventory to close it
Wogger will now move left and crash the helicopter. Oh no, they lost the ship!
Click the bottom of the stick that fell (eek! The spider’s coming!)
Click the stick again to ride the zipline ---- wheeee!
The end!
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