Escape 6 Walkthrough

Escape 6 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Click pink button in upper left corner to start the game and skip the intro
Click the red bag(?) on the coat rack to get the apple paper
Click the calendar and then click the bottom of the calendar to turn the page (note a dog symbol a)
You can turn the page again, but I have no idea what this clue meant
Click the fish tank then click to the left of it to look behind
Take the stapler
Open the top drawer under the fish tank
Click the green pocket to get cloud clue
Open the second drawer and note box you can’t open
Turn right -- note you will need 2 cards to exit
Open the tall cabinet
Click the books for red key
Click the yellow box to look inside
Note 5 stars, 3 hearts, and one moon
Take the paper with the dog symbol on it
Look at the paper in the about item view and see stars, hearts, moon, and dog symbol (Xenon translated this to mean stars x hearts - moon = dog --see comment 101 for explanation)
Turn right
Note 2 heart pillows on the couch
Click under the left side of the couch to get the fishnet
Click the table and note the leaf, sun, and pond symbols with the purple circle
Click to the right of the couch and take hammer and metal pole (a bit hard to see)
Click the dog picture and note the 2 circles
Turn right
Click to the left of the desk and take the eraser
Click the chair to move it and see a paper you can’t reach
Use the pole to get the paper
Click the desk and look at the paper -- use the eraser to change the paper (Xenon says it now reads 19; see comment 93 for explanation)
Click the window and take the left sunflower
Note the caterpillar on the bush
Click to the right edge of the window in the same view and take broken butterfly net
In the about item view of the butterfly net, combine it with the stapler to fix it
Use the butterfly net to scoop up the caterpillar on the bush
Use the red key on the desk and see a place to use a 2 number code -- enter 19
Hit the purple button and take the purple key
Use the purple key on the desk to get the carrot paper
Turn right
Use the fishnet to scoop up the fish from the tank
Click the second drawer and use the hammer on the box you couldn’t open
See the color code on the box -- use the 3 paper clues (cloud, apple, carrot) to open the box (see comment 103 if you want to know the Japanese reason for this order)
Enter white, red, orange and push the purple button to get the purple card
Turn right 2 times
Click the green table and place the caterpillar on the leaf, the fish in the pond, and the sunflower on the sun (yes you just murdered a fish for a key card)
Push the purple button and take the yellow card
Click the dog picture and press the 2 buttons in the pattern shown on the circle paper in your inventory (right, left, right, left, right, right)
See a place to enter a dog-related code
Remember the stars x hearts - moon=dog and a dog a clues)
5 stars x 5 hearts - 1 moon =24. So the code is a24a
Take the paper and the green key
Turn left -- put the 2 cards in the door lock and click OK
Click the door
If you click the arrow to the left, you will get the bad end
So instead, use the green key on the box outside the door and get the boy and girl stag beetles for the Happy End

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