Escape Game from Study Room Walkthrough

Escape Game from Study Room WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a video and text Solution useful.Start this game

Part one

Click the messy books on the left side of the bookcase to straighten them
If you look at the neat books, you can see that the green and blue spines form the number 24
Click the owl and see the cat below the screen says 296
Click the right bookcase cabinet and get the rabbit token
Click the middle one and then click the paper to see the clue
Something on the bottom left book case x the two top right rows = the code for the bottom left cabinet door
So 296x24 = 7104
Open it to get the pink book. Click the book to get the cat symbol in your inventory -- you now have cat punch ability
Click the tree and see the cat says what in the narration box -- so click the cat in the inventory and then click the tree
Get the pencil that falls
Click the bottom books to see that red = rabbit, orange = fox, green = mouse, and blue = bear
Turn right
Click the chair and see the cat says lets turn -- use cat punch to get key
Use the key on the top right drawer to get the green book -- click it to get the dog in the inventory. You now have the dog jump ability
Click to the left of the desk drawers to see the icon with a C on a computer screen
Click the lamp to see it doesn’t work
Click under the desktop just below the lamp to plug it in. Click the star to turn it on
Click the computer to note you need a password and ID
Take the scissors from the pink cup
Click the second drawer in the desk to get the fox token
Turn right -- click the vase bottom to see S on a picture of a computer screen
Click under the couch to get the mouse token
Click the picture to see you need to get the pink box open for happy end
Note the A on the computer screen clue in the corner of the picture
Part 2

Click the blue ring at the top of the screen -- note the dog tells you that you can’t reach it
Click the dog in the inventory and then click the ring for him to jump and get it
Note the blue box needs a code word to open it
Click the top book and see you need the scissors to open it
The narration box will tell you it is a clue for the blue box
See that hint 2 tells you the password for the blue box is #h99%g, but you don’t know what that stands for
The answer is in the top hint -- looks for 2 # symbols in the hint 1 code and see they surround the letter s. This means # = S. Same for 9s where they surround the letter m. Repeat for all the password letters/numbers/symbols to get the code.
Go to the blue box on the couch and enter summer
Get the book and get the combination jump punch ability (make sure you have the cat and dog together in your inventory)
Pick up the second book on the small bookcase, and see it is a hint for the PC password and ID. It says the ID will be scrambled letters for a 6 letter word. The password needs to be seen in the dark.
Turn right
Note the locked toolbox and screwed in plate by the door
Click the door handle to leave, and the cat will show you it is locked -- note the E computer clue
Use the dog to get the pink ring in the upper left corner
Click the paper that falls, and use the pencil to get the code for the toolbox (it says to click the owl 10 times)
Use the combination dog and cat maneuver to get the silver box over the door open
Note the bear token rolls away to the left
Click the cat to use it on the mailbox and get a second letter
Turn right and click to the left of the bookcase to find the missing bear token
Note the P and E computer clues
Click the owl to zoom in and then click it 10 times to get the toolbox code
962 -- turn left and enter it into the toolbox to get the screwdriver
Remove the plate from by the door and see a place to put the tokens
Place the tokens under their respective colors (red = rabbit, orange = fox, green = mouse, and blue = bear)

Do NOT click the door to leave if you want the Happy End -- instead:
Turn off the light using the lightswitch and then turn to the light on the desk
Click on it to see sazae3fuguta, which shows up in the dark so it is the password
Turn back and turn the lights back on by clicking the green rectangle
Go back to the computer and use the letter clues you found to get the ID
The letters were CSAEPE -- unscramble the letters to get escape
Enter escape and sazae3fuguta to see the computer clues
Turn back to the door and use the cat on the mailbox to get a second letter -- this is the clue for the pink box.
Click the about item view to see the letter, and then flip is over to read the back
Note the first line has no circle so it = zero. The second has one circle so it = one, and the third has two nested circles so it = two.
Turn back to the computer
In line one count all the circles -- including those in the symbols and as numbers and get 6. Repeat for each line and get the code for the pink box
Turn right and enter the code into the pink box and get the envelope.
Look in the envelope in the about item view and get money
Turn to the door and click the door to leave
The cat will hang there, but see the rabbit exit sign in the left corner
Click that and you are out!!
Yea! Doggie and kitty dinner and presents!

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