Kidnapped by Pirates Walkthrough

Kidnapped by Pirates WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
1. go left once and move the top ring of the barrel up to get the crowbar
2. use the crowbar to open the box and take the gold bar
3. go left and use the gold bar to smash the lock (resist temptation to smash game creator instead).
4. move seat on left side of table to get a key.
5. go through doorway into hall and enter second room on left. Take a cannonball.
6. go back to first door on left and use key.
7. place cannonball in cannon on the left and take gear and second key
8. use second key on first door on right.
9. take hammock, then zoom on boot. Use arrow code there on locker on the left side of the room. (left, left, right, left)
10. take lighter and third key
11. enter second room on right and use lighter to light the lamp.
12. place gear on peg on wall and pull down lever
13. exit the room and go forward through the doorway that was previously barred.
14. enter first door on left and make note of the numbers on label on the barrel, clockwise from pirate's head (354)
15. enter second door on left and use crowbar to open the grey cabinet.
16. take rope.
17. use code to open first door on right.
18. take oar and then click on papers on table and note code from N, E, S and W coordinates (7394)
19 use code on the box on table and get the diamond
20. use third key to open second door on right
21. move mattress on right to reveal a trap door
22. take rope from inventory and attach it to the handle on the trap door, then attach hammock.
23. go back to the room with cannonballs twice and put two cannonballs in the hammock.
24. go down the ladder.
25. click on the keypad and place the diamond in the slot. Press the on button and it will ask you for a passcode. Just press the on button again to override the code.
26. take shield (no gold for you!)
27. go back up and out to the room with the sword. Pick up sword and return to room with trap door.
28. place shield on wall and then put sword in slot to use as a lever.
29. exit the room and go through doorway at end of hall to the deck
30. take the oar and jump over the railing into the rowboat
Congratulations! You escaped! Now you just have 1000 miles to row to the nearest land, and no food or water. Good luck!

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