Solitude Walkthrough

Solitude WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Pickup stick
Go Right
On the left side of the path, click on the rock until it moves over.
Pickup rope
Go forward
Pickup straw on the right side of the path
Use the stick to get the T-shirt next to the two birds
Go right then forward past the tank to a bee’s nest
Pickup wrench on the right side of the path
Go back to the tank and use the wrench to take off the nut on the fuel tank
Double click on the stick then add the T-shirt to it to make a torch
Then use it on the fuel
Go left twice then up once
Put the straw in the fire pit
Then go forward once to the river
As you are looking at the bridge, just to the left and next to the shore
Pickup a hammer in the water
Go right and you will see something shinny in the water
Click on it and get a magnifying glass
Click on the berry bush on the right and get a peace of fruit
Go left twice and get a fish hook
Go back to the fire pit
Use magnifying glass to start the fire and use it to light the torch
Go back to the bee’s nest
Use torch on bees
Go forward and use rope on tree limb
Go down
Pickup coconut sprout
To the right is a light colored flat rock
Use hammer on it and get a red ruby
Climb up and to the right of the rope you will see a yellow spot
Click on it for the yellow ruby
Go back to the river where you saw the bridge
Use coconut sprout on bridge
Cross bridge and get stick ladder next to plant
Go forward then into building
Next to the logs, pickup a board
Double click on it and then click it to turn it over
You will see a hint
Click on the barrel and it tips over
Use hammer on crack on wall and get a bird call
Back out and put the stick ladder next to the door
Go up and get a stick
Double click the stick and add the fish hook to it
Go down and then to the right
Note stone heads, We will come back to them
Go back to where you see the stick ladder and pickup the green ruby
Its in the plant on the left side of the door
Go all the way out to the beach where it all started
You should see something floating in the water
It’s a solar panel
Turn left
Click on crab and he will run into the cave
Go into the cave
Use torch then enter cave
Next to the skull, get a white ruby
Go left
There is a rock on the left of the beam of light
Click on it and get the crab hiding there.
Go back to where you saw the treasure chest under the tree
Use the crab to cut the roots and take the chest
Go forward to the bridge and turn left
Double click on the fruit
Use crab to open fruit and take white center
Double click on the fishing pole and put white center on hook
Go fishing!
Keep fishing until you get a gold fish
When you get one, cross the bridge and climb up the stick ladder
Put the solar panel on the base and the gold fish on the pedestal
Use the bird call on the sky and wait for the Eagle to eat the fish
Get a key from the Eagle’s talon and open the chest with it.
Take the black light and go into the building
Screw the black light into the light fixture on the ceiling
Note the way the stone figures are facing
Go out and to the right
Turn the stone heads so they match the pictures on the wall and they will lift
Go in and take shaft
The door will close
Use the hammer on a stalagmite next to the door and put it in the hole to hold the door open
Go back to the cave where the crab was
Put the shaft in the hole under the light beam
Note where the lite hits the wall and use your hammer
Get blue ruby
Go back and take the right cave
Put the ruby’s in there place by element
Plant - Green
Sky - White
Fire - Red
Water - Blue
Go in and open door to sub
Put the yellow ruby in the slot on the right
Click on yoke
Your out

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