Phantasy Quest 2 Walkthrough

Phantasy Quest 2 WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text Solution useful.Start this game
1. Pick up seashell near you on the ground.
2. Go right and into the house.
3. Talk to the old lady.
4. Leave.
5. Go right.
6. Go left.
7. Go left.
8. Talk to blind guy.
9. Click barrel to get pawn.
10. Go into the Music Shop.
11. Talk to guy.
12. Give him the seashell and he will give you a mallet.
13. Leave.
14. Go left.
15. Go into the inn (traveler's roost).
16. Talk to the girl.
17. Leave.
18. Go into the Crab Shack.
19. Talk to the guy.
20. Leave.
21. Go left.
22. Take the glove from the scarecrow.
23. Go back into the house near the water where the boy is fishing.
24. Give pawn to the boy, he will give you a minnow.
25. Leave.
26. Go right.
27. Pick up the sea urchin near the puddle of water with the glove.
28. Go back the scene with the house.
29. Go up the stairs.
30. Give the minnow to the parrot on the bush.
31. Go to the right.
32. Go to the right.
33. Click the rock.
34. Go to the right.
35. Use mallet to hit the bell.
36. Talk to the man, but he won't let you in yet.
37. Go to the inn and talk to the girl about the weird language.
38. You can go upstairs now.
39. Go into the room and talk to the old lady.
40. Go back downstairs.
41. Click the fireplace.
42. Use the mallet on the bricks.
43. Take shovel and brick.
44. Leave.
45. Take the road toward the castle.
46. Use parrot on the moss (green stuff).
47. Go to the scene where you can see the island.
48. Click the island.
49. Talk to the blind guy about it.
50. Talk about Margritte.
51. Go back to the swamp.
52. Ring the bell and mention Seamus.
53. He will let you in.
54. Talk to him.
55. Give him the moss and he will give you medicine.
56. Leave.
57. Give the medicine to the man in the Crab Shack and talk to him about the boat.
58. Go to the dock.
59. Click on the crab guy.
60. Click YES. (wait...)
61. Go to the left.
62. Use shovel on "Mother Minerva" grave and the one next to it. Get Key.
63. Click rope on the tree.
64. Go north.
65. Go into the hole and talk to the person.
66. Go back and get on the boat back to the other island.
67. Use key on the wardrobe on the second level of the inn.
68. Take letter.
69. Leave the inn.
70. Use rope on the well.
71. Go down the well.
72. Get the eyeball.
73. Go back to other island.
74. Give the "witch" (sorry i don't know what to call her) the letter. TELL THE TRUTH!! 2nd choice.
75. Dip eye in the cauldron (bowl?).
76. Go back to the 1st island and give the blind guy the eye.
77. Take his cane.
78. Follow him.
79. Go back to the lighthouse.
80. Go upstairs.
81. Use the cane on the machine.
82. Take the lantern.
83. Go into the secret (Not-so-secret actually) entrance.
84. Give the ghost the letter.
85. Go into the opening.
86. Go upstairs.
87. Use the brick on the woman.
88. Use the sea urchin on the balloon.
The End!
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