The Tower of Eternity 13F Walkthrough

The Tower of Eternity 13F WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game
Click between the first and second door, notice a red square, memorize the numbers.
Turn right, click the rightmost book, notice a green square, memorize the numbers. Above the green square you see a square and a hexagon.
Click the drawer on the bottom and notice a pentagon. Click to the right of the cupboard, notice a yellow square and memorize the numbers. Above the square you see a row of shapes. According to the note above the green square and the shape in the drawer the order is
triangle, pentagon, circle, square and hexagon.
Turn right and notice a blue square at the right leg of the table, memorize the numbers.
Move the right note on the pinboard and notice 3456.
Turn right, the number we need for the keypad is given by the shapes.
Triangle=3 sides, pentagon=5, circle=0, square=4 and hexagon=6
Zoom out and there is a blue box with knobs on the edges.
To move the box you need to click these knobs.
The note with 3456 gives you the order. 3 letters=red, 4 letters=blue, 5 letters=green and 6 letters=yellow.
So click the knobs the first time in the order of the red square, then the blue etc.
Now the bluebox is under the closet. Click on it and take the IC card and the knife.
Cick with the knife on the right side of the door. Memorize the number.
Click on the white box on the table , use IC card and put the number in.
Take the blue key. Notice kwdr2 and the hint from Tower of Eternity 12F.
Look at your keyboard. Now you take the next right keys of kwdr2. It gives you
Go to the doors and use the key in the third door from the left… to be continued.

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