Escape from the Garage Walkthrough

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Walkthrough - Part 1:

1. Take the Green Crowbar [Top-Left]! Open the 2nd Door on Cupboard, from Left to Right [You have to click on the Door Knob, in order to open it], and take the Glue!

2. Move Left! Take the Rock [Bottom-Right of Cupboard], and Move Left!

3. Click on the Logs on Top of the Log Pile, to move them. Look carefully behind the Logs you moved, you'll see something Brown and Circle-Shaped. Click to take Door Knob!

4. Move Right! Put the Door Knob on the Left-Side Door of Cupboard [You have to put the Door Knob on the small Black Circle, where a Door Knob is suppose to be] - Click the Door Knob to open the Door of Cupboard, and take Lighter Fluid (Lol, the Knob disappears once you close the Door)!

5. Move Left 2 Times! Place Rock on Bottom-Left side of the Garage Door [Don't place it on the Garage Door, but on the Floor]. Place the Crowbar on the Rock, and click on the Stone Pile on Left-Side of the Crowbar, to lift the Garage Door. Take the 1st Dial Half-Piece, under the Garage Door [It's between Bottom & Bottom-Right of the Garage Door, silver color]!
Walkthrough - Part 2:

6. Move Right! You see the Axe. Move your Cursor/Mouse over the Axe's Silver part, and then slowly move your Cursor to the Right. Once you're near the Black cover, you'll notice that the Cursor will change into a Hand. Once it does that, click your Left Mouse Button, to zoom into a bucket. Click on Top-part of Bucket to zoom in, take Sponge, and zoom out [Arrow on Middle-Top]!

7. You see the Grease, near the Middle-Left side of the Left-Side Wall [It's Yellow colored]. Click to zoom in, use Sponge [Click, click, click], until you can see the Arrows, and remember them: Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right - zoom out [Arrow at Middle-Bottom]!

8. Move Right! Move your Cursor around the Bottom-Left side part of the Cupboard, until your Cursor changes into a Hand. Once it does, click to zoom in, take 2nd Half-piece of Dial, and zoom out [Arrow at Bottom-Middle]! Click on the 2 Half-pieces in your Inventory, and a pop-up window will appear, with the 2 Half-pieces. Use Glue to attach them together, and close window!

9. Click on the Silver Square on Top-Right side of the Cupboard [Looks like a Mirror], to zoom in. Put the Dial inside the Ring in the Middle, and note that there are 2 Arrows, to turn the Dial. One on Right-Side, and the other on Left-Side. Use the Code from the Wall, or follow me [2 Options]:

- Click on the Left-Side Arrow 3 Tiems
- Click on the Right-Side Arrow 1 Time
- Click on the Left-Side Arrow 1 Time
- Click on the Right-Side Arrow 2 Times
- Click on the Left-Side Arrow 1 Time


Click on the Arrows in this order:

Note that when the code says, turn Right, you have to click Left-Side Arrow. And when it says Left, you have to click Right-Side arrow!

Right, Right, Right, Left, Right, Left, Left, Right

Once done, take the Screwdriver from inside, and zoom out [Arrow at Middle-Bottom]!

10. Move Right! You see the Oven on Right-Side [The long Grey Cylinder] - Move your Cursor/Mouse on Middle-Bottom part of the Oven, and then slowly move your Cursor/Mouse Up. Stop when the Cursor changes into a hand, and click to zoom in. Use Screwdriver on Top-Right side Screw, and take the Red Button [Button with Zig-Zag line = Power]. Zoom out [Arrow at Bottom-Middle]!

Move Right! Look near the Top-Left side of the Game Screen, and you'll see a thin line/thread [If you look at the Most Top-Left side of screen, you'll see that there are 2 Bricks before the Garage Door, on most top-left part. Look at the space between those 2 Bricks, and you'll find your Line. Or click as a mad person around that part]. Use Lighter Fluid on Thread/Line (Press and hold, until the Bottle is gone). Use the Button/Shocker on Bottom-part of the thread/line (You'll have to let the Top-part of the Button/Shocker, hit the Line/Thread) - zoom out [Arrow at Bottom-Middle]! Take the Key on Stone-pile, Move Right 2 Times, use Key on Door's keyhole, and press the Arrow that points outside the Garage!

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