Paint It 2 Walkthrough

Welcome.I hope this a text and video Solution useful.Start this game

1- take the black paint and the paintbrush on the 1st screen, then turn right and take the key from under the traffic lights.

2- turn right again, and paint the white safe black (use your paintbrush on your black paint). then, paint your key black (use key on black paint) and use the painted key on the safe to open it. take the grape colored paint and zoom out.

3- dip your key into the grape colored paint, then use it on the grape colored safe to open it. take the red paint and zoom out, then dip your key into the red paint and use it on the red safe to open it. take the skin color paint, and orange paint from inside, zoom back out.

4- turn right twice, and dip your paintbrush into the red paint, then use it on the painting with the fruit to paint the apple red. next, dip your brush into the grape color paint and paint the grapes. when done, click the painting to move it and reveal and obtain purple paint! (now you know why i wasnt calling that "grape color" can purple!)

5- turn right twice, dip your key into the purple paint and open the purple safe with it. take the green and pink paint from inside, zoom out.

6- turn right twice, then click the down arrow at the bottom to view the floor. dip your brush into the pink paint to paint the peach, then green to paint the leaves. zoom back out once both colors are on it, and youll see yellow paint has magically appeared by the chair! take it.
7- turn right, and paint the banana yellow. click it after it is colored to move the painting and get blue and olive colored paint buckets.

*****turning point!*****

it is important to note that now you can choose 1 of four endings, depending on which color you paint the bus. you can paint it either:

or leave it white

so basically, choose a color, and proceed to the next step.

8- paint the left traffic light blue, and the bus will move, revealing a switch! press the switch to unlock the final safe. turn right, dip your key in the orange paint, and use it on the orange safe to unlock it. take the gray paint and zoom back out.

*please note that you cannot paint the bus after it has moved, it has to be done BEFORE painting the light!

9- now you have all the paints. turn left twice and face the empty picture frame. 1 at a time, use all your colors on the brush and then on the frame to paint it 1 color at a time. some colors will not work though. when you have found all the colors that DO work, the painting will light up... click on it now to escape! congrats, youre out!

***repeat as needed, but with choosing a different color for the bus as listed in step 7 to get the other endings.

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