Escape The Hair Salon Walkthrough

1. Get broken comb from metal cart to the left of start screen.

2. Get blue key from the second chair in the row.

3. Get cell phone attachment from behind dispenser thing.

4. Get cell phone off of the third chair.

5. Get business card from trash can.

6. Get remote from on top of books by cash register.

7. Grab mouse from behind the laptop then look at the mouse and click around it until you get the batteries.

8. Then select the remote and trun it over and insert the batteries.

9. Then attach the attachment from step 3 to the cell phone.

10. You will get a message.

11. Then click on the cell phone again to receive a second message.

12. Turn on the laptop(small grey button near top right corner)

13. Click the escape message and then click on the empty box on the laptop screen.

14. Click the bottom left hand icon on the screen. A message will appear.

15. Then click on the number area of the cash register and enter the numbers that appeared on the last message(81.01.5002)

16. Then open the tray with the blue key. Take the silver key.

17. Go over by the two chairs and on the wall there is an air conditioner. Use the remote on it.

18. Select the large message and use the broken comb on it to reveal a message. This will make another message appear in the object box.

19. then go to the door at the end of the hall behind the cash register and use the silver key to get in.

20. Get the broken mirror piece from the second chairs wash basin.

21. Then click on the floor to get the head.

22. Then go to the first basin and click around it to get the hair dryer.

23. Go over to the windows and plug the hair dryer into the plug to reveal a message on the window.

24. After that look at the image on the broken piece of mirror and go to the location that it shows(between the second and third chair). select it and click on the mirror by the second chair. A message will appear.

25. Now click on each message and they will combine to make one.

26. Now click "about item" for the head then click it a few times to get a razorblade.

27. Use the razorblade on the back of the third chair to get a key.

28. Finally go to the glass doors and use the key to escape.

Escape The Hair Salon

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