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Level 1:
Go right, up the trees and left.Jump atop the tree left of the checkpoint, go up and far right. It's okay to fall to the ground. Go right.Fly the winged kitty far up and right.
Level 2:
Go right while jumping over the water.Go right jumping the thorn vines until you reach the edge. Up the tree and fly the winged kitty to the top of the big tree to your right.You can keep the same kitty or grab another. Just fly left horizontally, then slightly up.
Level 3:
Go right, fly the winged kitty up the simple maze avoiding the thorn vines. It's a backward E. Stay along the borders and you'll be fine.You can keep the same kitty or grab another, as there are plenty. Fly right, down to solid ground and right until you see the stick barrier then fly up.Dispose of the kitty and ride the bear beast right. Smash stick barrier and walk to the end. Smash down, go left and smash down again. You'll land on the spirit.Go right, punching the other bear and smashing the stick barrier. When you reach the wall, ditch the bear beast, jump up and grab the next one. You need to be atop the bear to reach, so if you don't time your jump properly, go left, grab another bear beast and repeat. Keep going right, punch a bear, smash a barrier and punch the last bear.

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