Escape the School Bus Walkthrough

Escape the School Bus WalkthroughWelcome.I hope this video and text walkthrough useful the arrow to view the front of bus. under the drivers seat and get the gas can ( you may have to press twice to get close up of front.) on light gray box next to gearshift and figure out the simple riddle.remember its a HOLE!!! you get a bottle on gear shift, and you should get a rod.
5. go to the back of the bus and click on the second seat to the left, and click on the pack.youll get a beaker.
6. click on the beaker in your inventory, and it should fill with green stuff. ( if it doesnt work facing the back, turn around and make green stuff.)
7. turn and close-up on the square in the middle of the floor. click on it.
8. and your out

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