Ghosts in the School Walkthrough

Ghosts in the SchoolAlright. The walkthrough rests on my shoulders.
1. Go to the room opposite rooms 5 and 6. Turn off the lights, the lung inexplicaply glows.
2. Take it, get the key.
3. Downstairs, get cellphone and net, take upstairs. In room for there are somehow footprints on the ceiling click them, ignore the Japanes kanji text and then go to the room next to number four. Play the bloody bloody keys. The safe will open, use the key. Go down to the gym, use ladder and net, get that really sorta gaudy hairthing.
4. Go to the door.
5. Go to the office, use this code 85347 and get the key marked EN. have a hairthing. Go get the book from the library. Then if you go out the door, you still get yelled at. As far as I see, only one ending. You get out, at least.

Source: Escape Games 24

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