Wizard Taro - F Episode Walkthrough

Wizard Taro - F Episode WalkthroughWelcome This Game Walkthrough
(Part 1)

Rooms 105, 113 and 115 are all open to start.
Room 115: Check bookcase on three clicking points. First click on left side just on top of the line of red books to get a sideway view and once you get it, click up to get black book of magic. Get memo on top of white cabinets.

Room 105: get plastic bottle from middle bin on the right. Click right and see computer screen and tables etc.
Throw plastic bottle in the bottom of the machine at entrance and get first coin. Go back to table view and click down on ashtry, to the back of it and insert coin there. Get second piece of paper for another code.

Room 113: Click in between yellow chairs and get book of white magic. Click in front of left yellow armchair to zoom in and get mobile on floor. Click on sofa to the right and click underneath on the right hand and get another Memo.

Go back to room 9 & see panel to unlock room 114 which you should have code for on one of your memos (2902)

Go to room 114 and check flag on wall for clue to open the box on table. Click on table to get a overhead view, then click on the front of each chair in the order of the flag colors, blue, white & red and box will open in middle of table. Use code given below for that box. (986) & get coin with 51 on it, 51 being part of the code for room 108. In overhead view, click on left side of table & get another memo from trash can.

Back to panel & another request for code to unlock Room 102 which is 1025.
Go to room 102 that's open & observe backs of chairs at table for clue on how to position dogs. also see clue in green book. Pink and green dogs should face the left chair & blue and yellow face the right chair according to colors of both dogs and chair backs. Bottom cabinet should open once you have the correct seguence. See another dog in cabinet and click on it till you get dog ears, which looks like a heart arrow.

Back to Room 9 & panel for another door available to unlock which should be 111. See code below posted earlier for that room.

Go to 111 & click on pink sofas & lift left cushion & get purple key with 110 on it. click left & got to big heart box & open with heart arrow. First check yellow bag on bottom row to get tag with 935 on it. Check black bag at top shelf & get cross key (click on it twice to see key end). Now click on the white cabinets & see another box in the bottom part of cabinet. Use the code from the tag you just got (935) to get another coin.

Back to panel & check for another door to unlock which is 110. Use 5438 to unlock.

Go to room 110, click on computer and see code for room 101 (6482). Click on chair & go under desk to get briefcase. Open briefcase with cross key & get ball. Use key in inventory to open bottom doors of white cabinet, where you'll get a red key with 108 on it. Turn key over & observe symbols.

Part 2:

Go to room 112 & first turn left & get pic hanging on wall. Observe numbers on pic which need to be swapped to make 6016 which is the code to unlock room 103. Place pic on table in front of window to see it clearly.

Back to Panel board. See another room (101) to unlock & use code you got in room 110 on computer (6482)

Go to room 101 & click on everything in that room, flower pot on desk etc, before clicking on computer screen. On the screen you'll be asked to input another code. However just click on the numbers till they don't change anymore, should be 953 then hear a sound. Click under desk on white cushion looking thing & get another coin with 63 on it, which first part of another code.

Back to panel board & yet another door to unlock (108). For code to unlock, look at last two coins & combine numbers 6351 which is the code to unlock room 108.

Go to room 108 & first get handle from white cabinet using the red key with 108 on it. Turn right & place green handle on "Power Switch". You can't get the full penguin yet since you still need more coins. Right click on the mirror to see another code (3100) which is to unlock room 107.
Go back to panel room & see 107 to unlock. Use the code from room 108 to unlock.

Go to room 107, & click right on mirror/window to look through and get clue to next code needed. Also click on panel behind chair with writing on it for further clue. Click left side in front view of chair & just to the left of window pick up a kind of one seat sofa piece.

Back to panel to unlock another room which should be 106. Insert code using clues from 107 (1542) to unlock.
Go to room 106. Place sofa piece on top of black table beside fan on the left side. If you zoom in on fan you'll see a coin stuck in it, however you can't get it. Zoom out & click on top left where switch is to turn off/On fan & turn on. The coin will fall out of fan. Pick up the blue coin by clicking on the right hand underneath seats

Part 3 (last)

Go around making sure you've checked everything then go back to the panel. You'll now find another door to unlock (103). Input code (6016) to unlock.

Go to room 103 where you'll see some cardboard boxes. Now comes the tricky part as you have to put the boxes on top of each other in the right order so it reads Get's from top to bottom in order to get the yellow coin on shelf. I think the trick is to click on them in your inventory in the order you want to place them. E.g. first click on S, then T, then E & finally G. Then click on the floor & they should automatically pile up in that order. Once they're placed correctly some hands will pop up at top & knock off the yellow coin. Turn to view with the pot plant in corner & click on floor just to the right of plant to get the coin. Also check the wall on left where it says "secret is God".

Go back to Panel & unlock the final room (104) using the code 1203.
Go to room 104 & place the two books (black & white) which should still be in your inventory to get the last coin which is black. Click just to the right of the green book & zoom into corner to get another memo which gives you instructions on what to do in courtyard. Now go back to room 108 & finish inserting your coins to make the penguin. Press start & penguin will be created. Look through the window to the right & you'll see him laying on the black chair.
Now go to room 107 to get penguin. Open door & click just to right, under chair & then zoom down to floor to pick him up. Now go to the grey courtyard door, use screwdriver on screw on that door & open code input box. Insert code (9591) to unlock. Enter & throw penguin in pool. Click on stone behind penguin & insert ball in top. Then turn right, then down on pipe, & zoom to corner then zoom again on center of pipe. Click center of pipe & a drawer will open giving you the ID card to exit, the main exit.
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